The bulk truck loader represents technical perfection



For the record, the default version of the Dino® is a Dino® with a capacity of 40 m3 an hour, can be collapsed and is constructed of stainless steel 304.

Flexible hose or discharger

A manual or electrical discharger can be equipped with the Dino.

The stairs besides the screw.

The stairs is constructed with galvanized safety steps. A person can use the stairs to climb safely on top of the truck.


The screw is mounted with a hinge joint cover. This way the screw is easily cleanable and checkable. The cover is locked with easy to operate quick-snap locks and secured by microswitches.

Switch/control board

An easy to operate switch board will make operating the Dino® easy.

The Chute of a Dino

The chute is constructed in such a way that it allows bags as well as BigBags. The chute is easily accessible and has a dump area of 2 m². A simple cleaning system is provided at the bottom of the chute.

Grid Stainless steel 304

The chute is mounted with a Swing-back grating.

Galvanized walking platform with anti-slip profile for safety.

The walking platform of the Dino® is fitted with a safety profile. This way the Dino® is still safe to operate under extreme slippery conditions.


The steady and solid frame of the Dino® is equipped with own supports, this way the Dino® is easily movable.


The air compressor that can be delivered mounted on the Dino® has an extra large storage tank. This will make the Dino® ideal for constant operation.

Hydraulic system

By using hydraulics the Dino® is easy to fold down, and easy to bring bake in operational mode.


A robust and powerful engine will guarantee a long life cycle of the Dino®.

Cleaning nozzle

Because of the cleaning nozzle the leftover material can be easily discharged.