The bulk truck loader is used for efficiently loading bulk goods


Dino Light

The Dino Light has been specially developed for loading one product that does not need a product change or cleaning. Such a top quality machine can however be supplied at a lower cost for loading plastic granules (e.g. PE or PP) and chemical powders, granules or granulates.

Dino Silverline

The Dino DR300 SilverLine is a Dino with a capacity of 45 m³/hour and equipped with the five most popular options for loading into bulk trucks. This special Dino has been designed based on many years’ experience in response to a market that that makes increasingly more stringent hygiene requirements. The Dino SilverLine is fitted with: Manually operated loading bellows on outlet side.

Dino Cement

The Dino DS400 Cement has been adapted for loading big bags of cement and cement-like products such as limestone, soda ash and bentonite into bulk trucks. The Dino Cement has a capacity of 90 m3/hour, where the capacity of a standard Dino is 45 m3/hour. The inlet hopper is fitted with a cross- or U-shaped blade so that a forklift truck driver can pour in the bags quickly, safely and easily. He does not have to get out to cut the big bag open and can immediately fetch the next big bag. This means a bulk truck can be filled within 30 minutes.

Dino Atex

The Dino ATEX has been developed for loading explosive substances such as starch, sugar, milk powder, lactose and similar powders into bulk trucks. The design is based on maximum dust reduction and as high as possible a loading speed. In this Dino all the hotspots that can cause an explosion have been modified.